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Logo Niklaus SA

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Niklaus has over the years invested in quality and process management, in order to satisfying the increasing needs of demanding customers. As such, the company has not only been able to meet the most difficult certifications but holds an ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement and meeting customer satisfaction for each transaction.

Our skilled employees hold the key to giving our customers the level of quality they've come to expect. It's their innovative thinking and attention-to-detail that helps us consistently develop the solutions our customers need in a professional and timely fashion.


Our Quality department is equipped with state of the art measurement and control instrumentations for practically all aspects of quality control our business needs. In addition, our fully equipped chemistry laboratory is also equipped with all the tools to enable our plating lines to operate with precision and consistency.

All devices utilized to monitor or measure our plating process parameters or product conformity are routinely calibrated or verified against standards that are traceable to national measurement standards to ensure valid results.


As an environmentally conscious company, Niklaus SA compliance exceeds all environmental regulations.

With an outstanding commitment to environmental protection, Niklaus utilizes the latest technology in waste management. The treatment of all waste materials is completed at environmentally certified facilities.


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Chemin de l’Epinglier 3

CH-1217 Meyrin-Geneva

T +41 22 780 15 70 - F +41 22 780 15 72